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TwoLaws Part 4


2 KINGS 21:88

...only if they will observe to do according to all:


that I have commanded them

Ten Commandments

that my servant Moses commanded them

Book of the Law

1. Declared by YHWH 
Deut 4:12,13 

1. Declared by Moses
Ex 24:3; Deut 1:5; 4:14

2. Written by YHWH own finger
Deut 9:10 

2. Written by Moses
Deut 31:9

3. Written on two tables of stone
Deut 4:12,14 

3. Written in a book
Deut 31:24-26

4. A complete law/nothing added
Ex 24:12 Deut 5:22

4. A separate law
2Kin 21:8 2Chron 34:14

5. Placed in Ark by Moses - at God's command
Deut 10:1-5

5. Placed in side of the Arc - at Moses command by Levites
Deut 31:24-26

6. YHWH says.. 'A law.... which I have written
Ex 24:12

6. "The law that my servant Moses commanded them."
2Kings 21:8

7. Defines sin
Rom 3:20

7. Added because of sin or transgression
Gal 3:19

8. Holy, just, good
Rom 7:12

8. Contrary to us
Col 2:14

9. Must obey to have eternal life
Rev 22;14; Matt 19:16-23

9. Could not give life because the Messiah is true sin offering Gal 3:10,21-26
Can't take away sin Heb 10:1-4

10. Perfect James 1:23-25.

10. Made nothing perfect Heb 7:19

11. Established by faith through obedience
Rom 3:31, 8:4,

11. Abolished 
Eph 2:15

12. Spiritual Rom 7:7,14; 8:4,14

12. Carnal Heb 9:9,10

13. A law of liberty
James 2:10-12

13. A yoke of bondage
Acts 15:1-11; Gal 5:1-5


May the YHWH of Israel and the Father of our Lord Yahusha the Messiah give you understanding of this matter, my dear reader, lest you continue to believe that popular, but fatal, error being taught that Yahusha abolished the Ten Commandments. That is contrary to all Bible FACTS. SIN is still transgression of the Ten Commandments according to ALL New Testament writers (1John 3:4; Rom 7:7; James 2:10-12).

penned by Frank M. Walker agreed to by Jim Gramm

The Civil code of administrative laws with the two great commandments of love were also in this Book of the Law. The Law of ordinances did not include this civil code. Both Moses and Yahusha taught obedience to the two great commandments of love and the Ten Commandments.

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Jim Gramm