How Moses would have written the name of our Elohim and the name of the Messiah

The earliest Hebrew writing was in pictograph form and here is how Moses would have written it.

       Paleo Hebrew

Today in Modern Hebrew it is written

Yahweh/Yahuah ????

Yahusha ????? (short) or  ?????? (long)

10. Yod ? y y yet or yawn
y pitying or carrying

6. Vav/Waw ? v v David or living
uw u^ stew or thruway (with occasional 'w' oo sound)
ow o^ own or core (long 'o' or shorter 'or')

5. He ? h h his or hose
hh h? hark or heckle
aw ah Sarah

21. Shin ? sh s´h shelf or fish
shsh s´h? stashes or fishes

16. Ayin ? ' ' nearly silent guttural

There were also middle and late Semitic/Hebrew versions which can be found at
This is a really good place to start your Hebrew learning.

The Ancient Hebrew Research Center

As time went forward men changed and assimilated pagan thoughts and ways into everything YHWH did, remember the Israelites sad to say were a very hard hearted and stiff necked people against YHWH who had chosen them from all the people of the earth to represent HIM and His ways.

But YHWH is faithful and we still have what was written regardless of the form. That is why it said we MUST study to show ourselves approved of YHWH. There is a lot of deception and if we do not study to show ourselves approved then we could also be deceived.

We know this, His name is    ????.

So we will just do the best we can with that knowledge and KNOW and understand NO HUMAN-BEING on this earth KNOWS for sure how YHWH pronounced it to Moses or how Moses repeated it. One thing we KNOW beyond any shadow of a doubt is that HIS name was NOT LORD, God or Adonai those are titles and NOT His name. Also Yah's name cannot be Jehovah as the 'J' did not exist until the 1400s. We also KNOW beyond any shadow of a doubt that the Messiah's name was NOT Iesus or "Jesus" and that it was by all reasonable standards ????? Yod, Hey, Vav, Shin, Ayin Yahusha, meaning YHWH saves or YHWH's salvation.

One other note as one can see from the above chart on the Vav or Waw. The ? will be found as a 'V' or a 'W' depending on the scholar, but the 'W' is a newer letter in terms of languages also. So you will see YHWH and YHVH, both correct.

Today we have a couple transliterations that this author thinks are good.
Yahweh and Yah-uah for our ELohim and Yah-usha or Yahusha or Yeshua for our Messiah. Again these are TransLITERations.

One more point; do not get all hung up on how people write the Hebrew letters, just as in English we have many different fonts and the Hebrew is no different, people make up and use different fonts which is why it looks different at different times.


Yahusha Yahusha Yahusha

????? ????? ?????

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